Access Culture promotes access – physical, social and intellectual – to cultural participation.

To make difference mainstream.

The principles that guide our action:

  • We avoid “for everyone” and “special”
  • We support people’s autonomy
  • We guarantee the quality of services, we don´t believe in “better than nothing”

True equality of opportunities mean access must be:

  • Direct
  • Immediate
  • Permanent
  • As autonomous as possible

Access Culture 2013-2016
What’s changed?

Accesso Culture is a not-for-profit association of cultural organisations professionals, as well as people in general, concerned with issues of access.

Our main objectives are:

  • To place the issues related to access – physical, social and intellectual – in the centre of the reflection and practice of the cultural sector;
  • To contribute towards the technical preparation of culture professionals in what concerns access, promoting change on the ground;
  • To promote dialogue and reflection regarding access in public fora;
  • To publicly intervene whenever people´s right of access to culture is not respected.

In order to fullfil its mission and objectives, Access Culture:

  • Organises training courses in areas related to access;
  • Conducts audits and gives technical consultation to cultural institutions (under construction or existing ones), in order to promote the princíples of access and give support in the implementation of the resulting recommendations;
  • Organises seminars, conferences and workshops, with the objective to create a forum of debate and the promotion of best practices;
  • Promotes and participates in the developmet of research projects related to access;
  • Participates in projects that aim to promote thinking and best practices in relation to access;
  • Shares news and studies related to access;
  • Aims to cooperate with similar organisations, nacional or foreign, which share the same concerns and objectives.


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