In Portugal, special attention has been given in recent years to access to cultural programming by people with disabilities. With the implementation of services such as interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language (LGP), audio description (AD) or relaxed sessions (SD), several (but still very few) cultural venues and artists seek to create access conditions so that people with specific needs , as well as their family and friends, can enjoy the offer together. Another aspect, with less expression in Portugal, is that which seeks to include people with disabilities in the teams of cultural spaces or to programme them as artists. However, when inclusion and diversity are viewed in a more holistic way, multiple and diverse creative opportunities arise.

With regard to cultural management, in this training course we shall learn more about accessibility services and their implementation. We will also address other aspects of our relationship with the public, such as communication and fron-of-house services. Regarding artistic practices, we will reflect on mentalities, work methodologies, the training and integration of artists with disabilities in the labour market.

Target audience
People working in the areas of Cultural Management, Production, Programming, Cultural Mediation, Artistic Direction