Culture professionals aim at making works of an artistic nature reach the public. This means that they have to manage access to them with respect for the norms of copyright.

A balance needs to be kept between copyright (which aims to protect the authors and their work) and the fundamental right of access to culture. Consideration must also be given to the opportunities and limitations presented by new technologies and, especially, the social media. This has become even more clear and urgent with the pandemic and the rush to make artistic content available digitally.

This course aims to provide basic knowledge and useful tools in order to achieve the right balance.

Target audience

Artists and culture professionals in museums, theatres, orchestras, cultural centres, art galleries, archives, libraries.


Teresa Nobre is an attorney-at-law based in Lisbon, Portugal. She is also the Vice-President of Communia and the Creative Commons Portuguese Chapter Lead. At Communia, Teresa works across the spectrum of user rights, and she is currently coordinating an EU-wide project of implementation of the new EU Copyright Directive, with the objective of strengthening user rights at national level. Teresa also represents Communia at the Standing Committee of Copyright and Related Rights of the World Intellectual Property Organization. Teresa holds a university degree in Law from the University of Lisbon Faculty of Law and a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property from the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center.