Between the debates (which pass so quickly) and the training courses (more formal and longer), the seminars will focus on specific topics, which we will be able to explore with the help of colleagues willing to share their reflection and experience.

Previous seminars

Documentation in museums: technical and ethical challenges in the 21st century [online]
With Alexandre Matos
4 April 2022

Museums in a time of protest [online]
With Denise Pollini
23 February 2022

Diversity and Inclusion [online]
With Judite Primo, Margarida Silva, André Murraças, Diana Niepce, Ana Pérez-Quiroga, Marco Paiva (com Joana Honório e Rui Fonseca)
January-June 2021

Values for stronger communities [online]
With Hilary Jennings and Tom Crampton (Happy Museum Project)
27 May 2021

Culture and Human Rights
The Right to cultural participation: geographical and other peripheries [online]
With Joana Villaverdem, Maíra Zenum, Maria Simões e Maria Vlachou
10 and 11 December 2020

Copyright in the digital era [online]
With Nuno Sousa e Silva
4 May, 19 May, 2 June 2020

Mission statement: why do we do what we do? [online]
With Maria Vlachou
22 April, 14 May , 25 May 2020

Cultural management: a challenge for civil disobedience
With Vânia Rodrigues
Porto, 22 October 2019
Lisbon, 11 February 2020

Artists with intellectual disabilities: arguments, mindsets and changes
With Marco Paiva
Lisbon, 9 December 2019

Queer? LGBT narratives in Portuguese museums
With Susana Gomes da Silva and Diana Pereira, Aida Rechena and Teresa Veiga Furtado
Lisbon, 8 May 2019

Decolonizing the museums: this in practice …?
Lisbon, 22 March 2019
Part 1 – Communication of Wayne Modest
Vídeo or podcast
Part 2 – Debate with Wayne Modest
Vídeo ou podcast
Part 3 – Debate on the Portuguese case (in Portuguese)
Vídeo ou podcast

Being black –  Black presence in culture in Portugal
With Teatro Griot and guests
Lisbon, 11 February 2019

What does Brazil have to tell us? Artistic practices and participation
With Hugo Cruz
Porto, 31 January 2019

Culture and Human Rights
With Andreia Brites, Luís Ferreira and Maria Vlachou
Évora, 27 January 2019