Lisbon, Library of Marvila
12 May 2023, 2 to 5pm
Porto, Coliseum of Porto Ageas
22 May 2023, 2:30 to 5:30 pm
Maria Vlachou and interventions by different artists

The report Time to Act: how lack of knowledge in the cultural sector creates barriers for disabled artists and audiences, commissioned by the British Council and published in November 2021, is a good portrait of our sector at a European level. One of the shortcomings it points out is the lack of preparation of those who work in the area of Production with regard to the specific needs of Deaf and disabled artists.

In a recent conversation with artists with disabilities in Portugal (organised by Circostrada – European Network of Contemporary Circus and Outdoor Arts within the scope of LEME – Festival of Contemporary Circus and Artistic Creation in Non-Conventional Spaces), we realised not only that this failure is also verified in Portugal, but also that people producers in our country do not have references and do not know how to obtain them. This means that some of these people learn a few things on the ground, with all the implications this has for Deaf and disabeld artists.

Seeking to respond to this need, in this seminar we will address the following points (also counting on the interventions of  Deaf and disabled artists and producers):

  • The results of the Time to Act study
  • What does “accessible” mean?
  • Ableism and language
  • Dwaf and disabled artists in Portugal and in the world
  • Concrete aspects of the work: artist access riders, contexts and workspaces, rehearsals, performances, transport, hotels, restaurants

Target Audience

Producers, Deaf and disabled artists