Online seminar
With Nuno Sousa e Silva
4 May 2020, 2.30 – 4:00pm (sold out)
19 May 2020, 2.30 – 4:00pm (sold out)
2 June 2020, 2.30 – 4:00pm (sold out)

We have lived in the digital age for quite some time now. However, not all cultural organisations have paid attention to these new tools and have built policies for making content available online. In this moment of isolation and social distancing, most cultural organisations are looking for ways to continue providing a service to society and to keep their relationship alive with the public.

Following this work, many questions arise in relation to copyright. We have asked one of our trainers in this subject, Nuno Sousa e Silva, to conduct a question and answer session, in order to clarify the professionals working in this area.

Target Audience:
Artists and professionals from museums, theatres, orchestras, cultural centres, galleries, archives, libraries