Diversity and Inclusion Seminars
January to June 2021
With André Murraças, Diana Bastos Niepce, Jesus Vidal (to be confirmed), Judite Primo, Margarida Silva, Pedro Faro

Madani Younis said at the ISPA conference in January 2020 that “Generosity is not justice. And inclusion is not equity.” With this, we realised that, despite the words diversity and inclusion appearing quite frequently in the discourse of cultural organisations and their professionals, we are not fully aware of what they mean, what they represent and the impact they have (or should have) on our work and in our relationship with society.

As a follow-up to the Diversity and Inclusion course (7 and 8 December 2020), this series of 6 seminars will allow us to better understand the journey of six cultural professionals, not only as professionals in the sector, but also as spectators and visitors.


January 18: Judite Primo
February 25: Margarida Silva
March 29: André Murraças
April 26: Diana Bastos Niepce
May 10: Pedro Faro
Jesus Vidal (date in June 2021 to be confirmed)