April 4, 2022
Online, on Zoom
With Alexandre Matos

Documentation in museums is one of the most relevant and necessary tasks in view of the changes taking place in our society and the challenges it faces with digital transformation. In this seminar, we address the challenges faced by information and documentation professionals in museums in the face of technical issues, such as standardisation, technological evolution, mass demand and the diversity of existing means and, in the same way, in the face of ethical issues, such as accessibility, inclusion, equity, polyphony, colonial legacy and minorities.


Alexandre Matos holds a PhD in Museology from the University of Porto. He is the Director of the Research and Training Department at Sistemas do Futuro and Affiliate Professor at the Department of Heritage Sciences and Techniques at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto. He is a researcher at CITCEM, Editor at CIDOC and was project manager Mu.SA on behalf of ICOM Portugal. He is a member of the SPECTRUM PT project and responsible in Portugal for the dissemination and updating of the SPECTRUM standard.