11 October 2021
Online, on Zoom

The course “Diversity and inclusion: questions to ask ourselves” had five editions between December 2020 and March 2021. There was also a cycle of seminars between January and June, which involved different cultural professionals – artists, academics and cultural managers. On these occasions, questions were raised for which there were no immediate or right answers. Therefore, we think that we should continue the reflection, deepen our questioning and evaluate our practices.

This year, our annual conference bears the same title as the course, and we’ll talk better, with more time, about three central issues: representation, tokenism and recruitment policies.

The conference will be held online at Zoom.


Dália Paulo, President of Access Culture

Keynote speaker
Marta Porto
When does diversity become plurality?

11am – 12.30pm
Panel 1 – Representation: why does it matter?
Aurora Negra (representative to be confirmed), Maria Gil, Melissa Rodrigues, Zé Luís Rebel
Moderation: Marta Mestre


Panel 2 – Tokenism: how to avoid it?
Alice Azevedo, Marco Paiva, Gisela Casimiro, Diana Niepce
Moderation: Marta Spears

Panel 3 – Recruitment: inclusion and equity?
Ágora – Francisca Carneiro Fernandes
Alkantara – Susana Simplício
Independent Living Center – Jorge Falcato
EGEAC – Joaquim René
ILGA – Marta Ramos
D. Maria II National Theatre – Rui Catarino
UNA–União Negra das Artes, Association – Raquel Lima
Moderation: Maria Vlachou

5.30pm – 6.00pm
Closing with Marta Porto and Dália Paulo