With Maria Vlachou

In Portugal, most cultural organisations consider that the description of what they do is their “mission statement”. Thus, we have many – so many – museums that collect, preserve, study and exhibit; or many – so many – theatres that present theatre and dance performances, hold concerts and debates, etc. However, they rarely ask themselves why they do what they do, what their purpose is, why they exist. And who would miss them if they closed tomorrow …

A concrete mission statement – short, clear, concise – guides our work and allows us to efficiently invest the existing resources, to fulfill objectives and to respond to the needs and demands of the communities in which we operate and claim to be serving.

Following the seminar held in April and May 2020, and at the suggestion of the trainees, we have thought of this course in order to deepen our thinking regarding the concept of “mission” and look at case studies in a more critical way. This course aims to be more practical, promote a dynamic discussion and reflect concretely on the reality of the trainees, the organizations in which they work and those whose activity they accompany.