MIRA | performing arts, PORTO
October 22, 2019
Tuesday 6-9pm
Trainer: Vânia Rodrigues

We would like this seminar to be an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between artistic creation, production and cultural management in the field of the performing arts. We propose to consider: the nature and assumptions of the relations between artists and producers and managers; the urgency of questioning the forms of organisation and work; and the need to rescue the professions of cultural production and management from the technocratic determinations of the administrative sphere.

This discussion will inevitably call into question the positioning of cultural production and management in the context of neoliberal capitalism. Have these areas of support for the artistic creation offered any resistance to the competitive spiral and (self) exploitation paradigm? Isn’t it time to make changes to the way we work with each other (artists, managers and institutions included)? Should we not consider ‘civil disobedience’ in the practice of cultural management?

Target audience
Cultural managers, producers, artists

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Vânia Rodrigues is a Cultural Manager. She was responsible for the strategy, management and international circulation of the theatre company mala voadora, and for programming the company’s own venue (Porto, 2013-2018). She was a Strategic Advisor at Artemrede. Consultant and Training Coordinator at Setepés. She graduated in European Studies from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto and completed a Master’s Degree in Cultural Policy and Cultural Management from City University of London (2009). She is a member of ENCATC – European Network on Cultural Management and Policy and of the European House for Culture. She was a guest lecturer at ESMAE – School of Music and Performing Arts. Member of the Municipal Council of Culture of Porto. She is currently preparing a doctoral thesis in Artistic Studies – specialisation in Theater and Performative Studies at the University of Coimbra, under the guidance of Fernando Matos Oliveira and Cláudia Madeira (FCSH): “MODUS OPERANDI – The new ecology of production, management and creation in the performing arts”.