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Esme Ward and Njabulo Chipangura

19.6.2023 – Access Culture Week
Esme is the director of Manchester Museum, which reopened to the public in February this year. Njabulo is Curator of Living Cultures in the same museum.

Margaret Middleton and Ben Garcia

Margaret is an exhibition designer and a consultant in inclusive museu m practices. Ben is the executive director of the American LGBTQ+ Museum.

Chao Tayiana and Marie-Reine Iyumva

Chao is the co-founder of the Museum of British Colonialism; Marie-Reine works at AfricaMuseum.

Antonio Cazorla-Sanchez, Fenia Lekka and Vassiliki Sakka

Antonio is Professor of History at Trent University; Fenia is the director of the Museum of the City of Karditsa; Vassiliki worked as a History Teacher.

Olha Honchar and Tony Butler

Olha is the Director of the Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes “Territory of Terror” in Lviv; Tony is the director of Derby Museums.

Armando Perla and María Acaso

Armando is Chief Curator for the City of Toronto; María works at the Museo Reina Sofia.

Jessica Hallett and Sussan Babaie

Jessica is a curator at Calouste Gulbenkian Museum; Sussan is a lecturer on Iranian and Islamic Arts at the Courtauld.

Mike Murawski and Emily Pringle

Mike is the author of the book “Museums and Social Change”; Emily works in Tate’s education department.

Elaine Heumann Gurian

Museologist and author of the book “Civilizing the museum”

Richard Sandell e Cristina Lleras

Richard is a Museum Studies Professor and editor of the book “Museum Activism”; Cristina is a Curator at Museo Nacional de Colombia.