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A discussion with Rachel Hutchinson, Matthew Cock and Hannah Thompson
11 February
4pm CET | 3pm WET
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“We all build our perceptions of difference and otherness inside our minds. So how do we verbalise regularly unverbalised diversity in a very public domain?”
Tehmina Goskar, Director, Curatorial Research Centre

“Describing Diversity” was a project undertaken by Royal Holloway / University of London and VocalEyes, the largest organisation in the United Kingdom primarily providing audio description services. It is an exploration of the description of human characteristics and appearance within the practice of theatre audio description. Their report was published in September 2020 and is available online.

The project came about because these two organisations identified the need for a process of exploration of when and how we should describe the personal characteristics of the diverse range of characters that appear on stage, and in particular, the visible, physical markers of race, gender, impairment / disability, age and body shape. They also wished to explore why such characteristics should be described, so that there was a basis for developing a common understanding and rationale for any proposed changes to practice.

Join us for a conversation with the authors Rachel Hutchinson, Matthew Cock and Hannah Thompson.