What are the expectations of a visitor or a member of the audience in a cultural venue? What can determine their degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction? The way we welcome people determines our (good or bad) relationship with them. In this training course, we try to move the focus from the transaction to the relationship. We explore ways of communicating with people with different profiles, transforming an occasional visitor to a frequent visitor, and follow a path that will allow us to evolve from care to hospitality and from welcoming to loyalty.

It is important to understand that the context in which this relationship develops is not dissociated from the mission of a cultural organisation: the reason why it exists, its values, its “personality”. All the people who form the team must know this mission and understand how, through their work, they build (or destroy) the public’s idea of the organisation. Front-of-house, integrated in the area of public relations, is a fundamental part of the work of “branding” (of the creation of the brand).

Elements and leadership of teams of direct contact with visitors and spectators in cultural organizations (front-of-house staff, secretaries, guards, people who work at the ticket desk, education service / guided tours).