Throughout 2023, the year of Access Culture’s 10th anniversary, we shall promote 10 (rather improbable) meetings between our members. Brief conversations that will allow people of different ages, living in different parts of the country, working in different areas of the cultural sector, to get to know each other a little better. At first, what they have in common is their association with Access Culture. Throughout the conversation, more affinities are discovered, but also particular experiences and ideas. This association is made up of many people; curious, creative, sensitive and persistent people; people who care.

The recordings include interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language and subtitles in Portuguese and English.

Margarida Camacho meets Soraia Salvador

Margarida Camacho was a founding partner of Acesso Cultura in 2013. She has worked since the 1990s at the São Lourenço Palace in Funchal, Madeira. Soraia Salvador is a cultural manager and the most recent member of Access Culture. She recently returned to Portugal, after working for eight years at the Natural History Museum in London. She lives in Porto.

Teresa Crespo meets Bruno Rodrigues

Teresa Crespo was one of the first people to join Acesso Cultura, little after it was founded in 2013. Today she works at the King Carlos Sea Museum in Cascais. Bruno Rodrigues was driven to dance thanks to a bus trip; and to Acesso Cultura in 2015.

Inês Maia meets Andreia Constantino

Inês Maia is the founder of the company Pé de Cabra, which provides support to creative organisations, increasingly confronted with the bureaucratisation of culture. Andreia Constantino is a designer and works at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. She recently became an associate of Acesso Cultura, but on several occasions, she had already noticed our (well-designed) logo. What moves these two women in the area of access and inclusion?

Bek Berger meets Gabriela Romero

Bek Berger comes from Australia; she is the artistic director of The New Theatre Institute of Latvia and curator of the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus. Gabriela Romero works in Education and Culture in Panama and access is a personal matter of justice. How and why did these two professionals become members of Acesso Cultura?

Cristiana Morais meets Leonel Alegre

Cristiana Morais is a cultural producer, with a very diverse career, both in professional and geographical terms. Leonel Alegre is from the area of Sciences, but with an extensive experience around scientific culture in museums and science centres. Both share with us those experiences or episodes – from primary school or university – that marked them and motivated them to work with accessibility and inclusion.