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April and May 2020
Wednesdays at 9pm, on Zoom
Free participation

What are our colleagues thinking about? What is it that makes you think, what is it that inspires you in this very unusual moment that we are all experiencing? How do you see cultural participation, in any of its aspects, in the medium and long term? What impact can our current learning have (or should have) in the future?

We invited colleagues of different ages, who live and work in different parts of the country, with different responsibilities, to share their thoughts with us. It will be on Wednesday evenings, in April and May.

We invite you to attend and participate in these online meetings. While we are dealing with the emergencies of the moment, this time can also serve to imagine the future. There are more colleagues that we would like to hear, many more than the nine Wednesdays in April and May. If this format works well, we’ll extend it.

Let’s talk and think together.

In April

1 April
With Luís Ferreira

8 April
With Sara Barriga Brighenti

15 April
With Martim Sousa Tavares

22 April
With Terceira Pessoa [Ana Gil and Nuno Leão]

29 April
With Margarida Freire Moleiro

In May

6 May
With Walk&Talk [Sofia Botelho and Jesse James)

13 May
With Anabela Afonso

20 May
With Marco Paiva

27 May
With Natércia Xavier