Debate poster

Tonight, at 9:30 pm, we will be talking with Ana Isabel Bragança and Ricardo Baptista (ondamarela), Hugo Cruz (creator and cultural programmer), Madalena Victorino and Giacomo Scalisi (artistic directors of Lavrar o Mar), Márcio Laranjeira (Lovers & Lollypops) and Vera Mantero (dancer and choreographer, O Rumo do Fumo).

Assuming that Culture is an essential asset, how is it perceived by official bodies and professionals in the sector? What language do they use to position themselves in relation to this fact? How do they see themselves within the the country’s economic and social frame? Does an essential asset need “support” or investment? Is an essential asset served by professionals who receive fees or by aficionados who receive charity? Does the support/investment aim to support professionals in the sector or guarantee the right of all citizens to cultural participation?