AC ecards 2021 14set 2

In his book Museums as agents of social change, Mike Murawski presents the potential of museums to be “transformative spaces of human connection, care, listening and deep learning.” As he analyses concepts such as community, neutrality, justice or leadership, he challenges us to think: “What if love, above everything else, was the core value that steered the radical change needed in museums today?”.

In the book, Mike refers to Emily Pringle’s 2014 article Art Practice, Learning and Love: Collaboration in Challenging Times. Emily is currently Head of Reserach at Tate and in the article she writes about a process undertaken by Tate Learning in order to unpick the team’s motivations and what they saw as the rationale for their practice: “(…) a breakthrough moment came when we acknowledged that for us, the fundamental value underpinning what we do is ‘love’.”

Join us for a conversation with Mike and Emily on 14 September at 6.30 pm Western European Summer Time (Lisbon/London) | 10.30 am Pacific Daylight Time (Los Angeles).

Please register here and you´ll receive the link to Zoom on the day of the debate.