Conference poster

Registration is now open for the kick off conference of our project Every Story Matters, which takes place on 19 November at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

Everybody has the right to discover literature and to create stories, Your socio-economic or cultural background, gender, sexual preference or mental and physical abilities should not matter. Sadly not all of us have equal opportunities yet. This is not just a matter of who writes (and who is encouraged to write) but of who gets published, who stands on a stage, who sits in the audience, how people are portrayed in books and how readers identify with the characters in the books.

During the first conference ‘Every Story Matters/Cada História Conta’, we invite readers, publishers, authors, librarians, teachers and other book lovers to be part of the promotion of inclusion through literature. We hope they will inspire, get inspired and work together to make the world of children’s and youth books more inclusive. Together we can make a difference.

Registration fee
Normal: €30
Students / Unemployed: €25
Access Culture members: €20

Fore more information and registration, please consult the project website.