We are very pleased to share two more recordings between Acesso Cultura members. This is one of the ways we wish to celebrate our 10th anniversary. This time, you will also have the opportunity of getting to know two of our international members. All recordings may be found here and they have English and Portuguese subtitles, as well as interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language.

Bek Berger meets Gabriela Romero

Bek Berger comes from Australia; she is the artistic director of The New Theatre Institute of Latvia and curator of the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus. Gabriela Romero works in Education and Culture in Panama and access is a personal matter of justice. How and why did these two professionals become members of Acesso Cultura.

Cristiana Morais meets Leonel Alegre

Cristiana Morais is a cultural producer, with a very diverse career, both in professional and geographical terms. Leonel Alegre is from the area of Sciences, but with an extensive experience around scientific culture in museums and science centres. Both share with us those experiences or episodes – from primary school or university – that marked them and motivated them to work with accessibility and inclusion.